When and how to cut the nails of the newborn baby?

There are those who claim that newborn babies cannot have their nails cut because they will grow less vigorously later. However, the truth is that there is no scientific study that indicates that it is harmful to cut the nails of babies, quite the opposite.

Some babies are born with very long nails, especially when their due date is late. In those cases, not cutting your nails will cause your hands to end up scratching your face. Therefore, while it is true that baby nails are very soft at birth and care is necessary, you can cut them if they protrude too much from the edge of the finger.

In addition, it is not advisable to always keep the baby with mittens to prevent scratching. The mittens should be reserved for the cold or while you sleep, but the rest of the time it is preferable to leave your hands free.

What should you know before cutting your baby’s nails?

Baby nails are usually very soft, and they are very tight to the fingers, so until you get a little practice, it will be difficult to cut them. This is because your baby has just come out of a liquid environment, so his nails are very soft, brittle and brittle, just like we are when we take a very long bath. From about the third week of life, nails begin to harden and become more resistant.

On the other hand, the uncontrolled movements of your baby’s hands will not make the task easier either. Therefore, the ideal is to cut his nails when he is more relaxed or even while sleeping, but you must be careful because if he wakes up and makes a sudden movement you can accidentally cut him. After bathing, babies tend to be very calm, but consider that as they grow older, you should incorporate this practice into their hygiene routine so that later on they do not fear this moment.

How to cut his nails?

You can use small scissors, or a special baby nail clipper, which have rounded tips and reduce the risk of cutting. You must cut paying special attention to the ends since there are no irregularities that could later cause scratches.

Ideally, the nail should be just a little above the edge of the skin and not perfectly follow the rounded line of the finger because in this way you prevent ingrown toenails, which occur because the skin of babies is very fine and helps the nails sink into the flesh when they grow.

To make sure that they have been well, you can pass a gauze and see that no part adheres to the nail. This step is important because baby nails should not be filed since they are not yet hard enough.

How often should you cut his nails?

Every baby is different, so not everyone needs to have their nails trimmed as often. As a rule, you can clip her fingernails once a week and her toenails once a month since they grow more slowly.