Children have never been good at listening to their parents, but they never fail to imitate them

A father (or mother) who screams will have screaming children, a father who hits will have a bully son, a respectful father will have a son who knows how to respect, a father who uses empathy to communicate will have an empathetic son and so on. we could go on the list till the end of days.

At what age does he begin to imitate

Children are the most sincere reflection of their parents, that is why their behaviors are the replica of both you and your partner. It is from the age of two or so when a child begins to imitate what their parents do (in terms of activities or behaviors) and from here on, a model will be created in the child.

They can imitate how you scrub the floor, how you talk on the phone, the way you eat, the way you communicate with others, etc. You may notice how your child mimics your behavior when he is playing with other children or with his own siblings.

Why do children imitate

They learn through the sight and actions of others. The fathers of children are role models so that when they grow up they will be adults very similar to their parents. When children imitate it is not only child’s play, it is the way they build their identity as they grow.

Children learn to behave well, to speak in public, to treat their parents (as they see their parents treat their grandparents), they learn conversation skills, the attitude towards life, the way to deal with problems …

Everything They learn this through the daily example they see in their parents. They are the best role model for them, be it for better … or for worse.

They have a better understanding of reality

Children little by little become more aware that when they grow up they will stop being boys or girls, which is why they try to follow in their parents’ footsteps almost innately. Children copy their parents’ clothing style, express themselves in similar ways, say the same words or phrases, show the same attitudes, etc.

When a child learns bad behavior from their parents, it will be very difficult for them to unlearn later. For this reason, it is very important that parents become aware of their actions, their behaviors, the way they talk with themselves and with others … Because there are small eyes that look at them carefully and silently, learning everything what they see and then reproduce it again.

If you are a father or mother of young children, watch your behavior well because your children will be your reflection in the future. They will be what you are now, they will learn not only from your words but also from your actions. You are his everything and also his greatest example. The most important and strongest example that exists for your hearts. If you think at any time that you need guidance to improve your behavior, do not hesitate to go to a professional.